Schools That Can Milwaukee (STCM) Member schools meet the highest standards, which include well-defined benchmarks for delivering a quality education. Being recognized as a Member school is an honor and there is an expectation that each Member school will act as a mentor and role model for other Partner schools. These schools have achieved excellence, stability and sustainability at their current capacity. STC and STCM encourage these schools to increase their capacity where possible to serve more children with their proven academic models and thereby grow as a community educational asset.

To date, six Milwaukee schools have achieved STC Membership*:

Bruce-Guadalupe Community School  
Milwaukee College Prep

Notre Dame Middle School  
St. Marcus Lutheran School

Carmen High School of Science & Technology  
Atonement Lutheran School

*Bruce-Guadalupe Community School, Milwaukee College Prep 36th St. Campus, and St. Marcus Lutheran School are founding STC Milwaukee Member Schools.

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