Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. has partnered with Schools That Can (STC), a national non-profit whose mission is to “collaborate for a quality education”. Driven by the belief that we have lived too long dividing schools into silos that emphasize their differences, the unique network of “schools that can” seeks to break down barriers and establish new lines of communication and collaboration that will not only impact schools individually, but has the potential to contribute to transforming urban education. STC provides Schools That Can Milwaukee with a recognized definition of quality combined with an established verification process that ensures the quality of high-performing member schools serving under-served communities.

Schools That Can Member Validation Criteria:

  • Stable, strong leadership
  • Student population is at least 60% or higher free or reduced lunch
  • 75% students advanced or proficient on the WKCE (ACT indicators used for high schools)
  • Average daily attendance at least 93%
  • Alumni tracked. 90% graduate high school.


The STC Membership process consists of an application followed by an onsite Effective Practice study by STCM leadership. This process includes substantiation of benchmark data received; identification of growth measurements and outcomes; observation of quality leadership and can-do culture, and collection of data from satisfaction surveys. Effective practices identified will be shared with other STCM partner schools. To date, more than 50 schools across 14 states have been validated by STC as Member schools.

Milwaukee schools interested in partnering with Schools That Can Milwaukee should contact

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