Three pathways are essential to reach 20,000 students in high-quality Milwaukee schools by 2020:

  1. Expansion and Replication of Member schools: STCM assists Member schools with expansion and replication efforts through strategic planning, “friend”-raising, and community advocacy to overcome barriers. All three founding Member schools are actively going through the expansion process.

  2. Movement of High-Potential Schools to Member Status: STCM is partnering with high-potential schools (district, charter, and Choice) with strong leadership to support the movement of these schools into Member status. Because there are now hundreds of examples of highly successful urban schools across the country achieving dramatic results with students and demonstrating it is possible to close the achievement gap, we know what works. Schools might look slightly different but their foundation is the same. Through intense coaching and focused work with the high-potential school leaders and lead teachers, STCM is working to accelerate the process of these schools’ efforts to achieve excellence. Leveraging the best practices we know work across the country at high-performing urban schools, our coaches have established several high-impact systems including identification and implementation of Vital Behaviors, observations at high-performing schools, and joint trainings.
  3. Recruitment of High-Performing National School Operators and School Leaders: Many excellent charter school operators exist nationally including Rocketship Education, KIPP, Lighthouse Academies, Noble Network of Schools, Uncommon Schools, and YES Prep. STCM is working to identify and implement strategies to bring these (and other) high performing organizations to Milwaukee, including partnering with others already engaged in this work. These high-performing national operators bring a proven track record and will increase the opportunities for children in Milwaukee. STCM is also working with Teach for America to recruit high-quality talent to join the movement in Milwaukee.

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