Involving the community is critical to transformational change in Milwaukee. Ensuring that all children have the opportunity to learn and succeed requires the cooperation of parents, political leaders, business leaders, community leaders and nonprofits.

How can YOU engage?

  • Support STCM financially.
  • Change the dialogue: Focus on QUALITY.
  • Visit a high-performing school. Email to schedule a Partner school tour.
  • Engage politically: Call upon Milwaukee and Wisconsin leaders to ensure they make education a priority. Expect – and demand – high-quality schools for ALL children.
  • Engage at a STCM Partner school: Become a board member, volunteer at a school, have your company or family adopt a school or a classroom, or mentor a student.
  • Thank a high-quality school leader or teacher.
  • Believe in the Vision: 20,000 by 2020. Great schools exist in Milwaukee today. More are possible.

We need your help to achieve our vision of 20,000 students in high-performing urban Milwaukee schools by 2020. This is YOUR call to action.

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