Schools That Can Milwaukee was founded in 2010 by three schools – Milwaukee College Prep, St. Marcus Lutheran School and Bruce-Guadalupe Community School. All are recognized as outstanding Milwaukee schools and have been validated by Schools That Can (STC) as Member schools. STC is a national membership organization of high-performing, predominantly low-income schools collaborating and sharing best practices to grow quality seats of education across the United States.

While each of the founding school leaders are amidst the execution of their own growth plans, the three came together to voice a transformational vision and challenge to the Milwaukee community for growth beyond what they alone can do – growth that requires greater community collaboration and support.

Founded with a goal of 20,000 children in high-performing urban schools by 2020, STCM will grow from three founding schools to more than 50 high-performing schools in Milwaukee through three pathways:

  1. Expansion and replication of high-performing schools
  2. Movement of high-potential schools to high-performing
  3. Recruitment of high-quality school operators and leaders to Milwaukee

Evidence from cities such as Houston and New Orleans indicates that a critical mass of high-performing schools forces systemic change. Communities cease to accept poor schools and student failure when a significant number of excellent schools exist. By reaching 20,000 high-performing seats, STCM seeks to create a tipping point for change in Milwaukee.

Learn More:
STCM Handout (Download PDF)
STCM Frequently Asked Questions (Download PDF)

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